BarbarQ MOD APK 1.0.52 HACK & CHEATS Download For Android No Root

BarbarQ MOD APK 1.0.52 HACK & CHEATS is a casual multiplayer, real-time battle arena / battle royale type of game where you and your enemies compete to kill each other in an arena to be the best. BarbarQ hack mod apk boasts addictive and innovative gameplay with a pixel art retro style. It combines the unique aspect of any MOBA games + io games making it really an awesome game to play.

BarbarQ hack mod apk also implemented a level system, where you can gain a skill each time you level up (maximum 5 skills can be obtain). The skills will be permanent in a match, so be sure to pick a good skill. In BarbarQ hack mod apk, level isn’t everything, teamwork, item usage, dodging abilities, and skills are something that can turn around the entire match.

Eating mushroom grants players experience that is used to level up and pick up new skills as each match progresses. As players get stronger in these games they typically become physically bigger and acquire new abilities that help them stave off the competition as they become an increasingly attractive target. This time around players take the role of barbarians that are looking to do nothing more than to beat each other senseless and eat mushrooms. The game also features items that can be picked up, including bombs, honey, meat, and other random items.

Like other IO style games, levels and items gained during each match are reset after the match is over. Players do however earn gold that they can use to upgrade their skills and acquire pets that can give them a leg up in combat. BarbarQ hack mod apk game modes include 3 vs 3 vs 3, 2 vs 2 vs 2 team fights and a number of solo modes.

BarbarQ MOD APK 1.0.52 HACK & CHEATS Game Features:
• Pixel art retro style game
• Fascinate Battle Royale mode
• Addictive 3v3v3 team fight
• Pet system
• Global rank system
• Casual MOBA game with IO games elements
• Skills based global match making system
• New player friendly controls
CHOP! DODGE! And SURVIVE! Release the anger of your barbarian warriors NOW! Go Savage!

BarbarQ-MOD-APK-1-0-52.apk - 71.8 MB

BarbarQ-MOD-APK-1-0-52.apk - 71.8 MB


BarbarQ MOD APK 1.0.52 HACK & CHEATS Features:
1. Radar Mod (Shows Enemy in Minimap - Red Dot on the Minimap is Enemy)
2. No Root
*Infinite Money Hack (Unlimited Gems & Gold) will be added soon.

Official Download Links:

Google Play Store: BarbarQ Android

App Store: BarbarQ iOS